Why Do Enterprise Look for Helpdesk that can be more than a helpdesk ?



There are plenty of helpdesks in the market that does things differently. While one may be good at one thing , the other may be good at something else. I have been meeting potential customers which includes Hosters and telecoms, to pitch spiraldesk, Surprisingly, there are lot of requirements that were discussed , but there were a few things that was common with all the discussions. Here in this article I am just trying to outline 5 of them

Better Control Over Employees

One thing that is crucial is improving productivity is the stats that are readily available for review. This drags the user to perform better and show better stats in the dashboard

Ready availability of tickets

Now this could be achieved by various techniques implemented in the Helpdesk . This could be by providing an effective search engine , or by proper push notifications

Seamless integration to various apps

I received a long list of Applications that the customers used and everyone wished that their applications integrates seamlessly and in a bi-directional manner with the Helpdesk.

Organized Data

Now that's where the challenge lies. An organized data for me , may not be the organized data for someone else. So a good helpdesk should also find the right balance between how the data is presented on the App.


Yeah !!!, That's surprising . Some like it Spicy ,Some like it non-spicy. Some like it dull, some like it shining :)


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk