What is a Help Desk and why is it important to your organization



A helpdesk applies to an organization in multiple ways. In a sales driven company, it could be a way to handle leads and convert to clients, while in a service based company, it could be a way to minimize Downtime and handle customers.

The reasons why an enterprise use a Helpdesk, could be lot different from each other, but the perspective and the purpose remains the same across the sectors and organization.

Tracking requests

This is the basis of all helpdesks. Tracking Customer requests becomes the primary objective when a Helpdesk is in use.

Remove Single Point of Contact

A helpdesk is usually a part of a system , where the objective is to decrease the dependency of a process in a single person. A helpdesk enables a team to be on top of everything and this improves the overall workflow in an organization.

Improve trace-ability

Having emails address which reaches a group , makes it harder to track the final status of the email. The reason is the emails get lost in a large chain of communication. In a helpdesk, things are different where each communication gets amended to the same thread .


In a Small , Medium or Large enterprise, its important to convert each lead in to business. The reports enables you to take effective measures by which the communication could be proper, which may not be possible when you are using emails for customer communication.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk