Understanding your Ticket in Spiraldesk



A Ticket is where the Customer and Agent Communicates with each other and the Agents communicate with their respective team.

In Spiraldesk A Single ticket is split in to four parts

The first part involves Ticket Number and the Menu , where quick actions specific to the ticket is placed comfortably.

The second part is the "Ticket Description" , which displays some quick information about the ticket. These details are split across two areas on the ticket screen as depicted below. A user may edit the data from these areas.

The second part is "The Ticket Body" , where the replies , comments etc are displayed. This is also the place where the Agent Interacts with the customer or within the team in the form of Replies, Reply Comments, Internal Comments and Public Comments.

The Fourth part is "Details and Productivity Zone" where the operations specific to the ticket can be controlled with limited number of clicks.

The Menu

REPLY : This is the way to reply to the ticket from any point in the ticket view. This menu item brings up the reply box and lets you reply to the ticket with ease.

NOTE : This is the way to make a note in the ticket from any point in the ticket view. This menu item brings up the note box and lets you add an Internal or a Public Note. The default choice available is "Internal", while you can still change it to make it Public.

FORWARD : This is a method to forward a reply to a third party without actually giving the recipient access to the ticket URL . This works just like an Email forwarder where additional notes may be added to capture the attention of the Recipient.

MERGE : Joins the current ticket with option to select additional ticket and creates a new ticket with the contents of selected tickets based on timelines and assigns it to a selected Agent. This feature sets the current ticket as default.The subject of the ticket in this case would be that of the default ticket selected.

SCHEDULE : This feature converts the selected tickets in to Scheduled tasks and assigns them to a selected Agent in Support. This feature is helpful when A ticket or a group of tickets needs to be handled at a later point of time in a scheduled manner.

DELETE : Deletes the current tickets. In Spiraldesk , the tickets which are deleted stays in the database for 15 days , beyond which they are permanently deleted. So if you wish to recover any deleted tickets , you may contact support.

SPAM : In any helpdesk , the support emails are flooded with SPAM emails at some point of time. This feature in Spiraldesk helps to tag the current ticket as Spam and changes its status to Closed.

PRINT : This button helps you displays the ticket in a printable format and lets you take a print.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk