Time management in a Helpdesk



When Customer Support Agent does not know what user expectations are or how to proceed to resolve an issue, they will have no clue how to meet the standards. Hence they go about in their own schedule, wasting much of the time spent in helpdesk.

Hence finally it becomes a standard to give delayed responses and resolutions on a helpdesk, which in turn will affect the efficiency of the organization.

  • Implementing a service catalogue or Service Level Agreement: By defining a well catalogued SLA, you will be able to meet the customer expectations , This is done by defining policies and time intervals for your support agents who serve your customers .

  • Take proactive measures - If you have separate support agents other than helpdesk handling agents, you can define polices for the former to take proactive actions in various fields of your business before any disasters strike, thus effectively eliminating any need of your customer to open tickets.

  • Able to cross handle tickets from various staff - Any staff member should be able to work on any tickets anytime, knowing exactly where the previous staff left off and the next steps that needs to be taken. The Agent should keep track of their work by web or by e-mail.

  • Avoid unnecessary extra activities - Record ad hoc time, and all the actions outside of tickets , such as meetings . Once you have kept a track, evaluate , adjust and define policies for a productive approach.

  • Keep information current to speed up for new agents: The time it takes to train new agents can become costly. One way to get Customer Support to handle things faster is to ensure the availability of knowledge at the fingertips. Your team can do this by having agents refine articles as they use them.

  • Allow customers and agents to give feedback: One way communication is never the basis of Customer Support. Active feedbacks and constructive criticism always helps in improving the efficiency and the reduce the time of reaction on a helpdesk.

  • Measure to improve business performance: How does your work add value to the workflows in your organization? What tools are being used the most? Measuring actions and knowledge is the first step towards a better Customer Support Team.