SLA management And escalation in a Helpdesk



A Customer Support Desk is distinguished by Service Level Agreements more popularly known as "SLA"s. This is also a part of the ITIL implementations in an enterprise.

The SLA's in a helpdesk is primarily based on the first response times and the resolution times. There could be plenty of conditions where a SLA is failed and the ticket is escalated. An effective Helpdesk identifies these conditions based on Intelligent rules and escalates it to the appropriate Agents , through appropriate Channels of communication. The differ from one organization to another and department to department.

A SME may do just fine handling tickets on a case-by-case basis , no matter how much loaded their support queues are. A larger organization will need a series of rules for SLA and Escalation so that everything stays organized and well attended. This actually depends on how many layers of tech support and management you have in your organization and of course the level of demand that your customers press on your support desk.

Spiraldesk offers a very flexible SLA configuration ism by which you can define your rules of SLA and the escalation after in a flexible manner.

SLA is important when you need to have a complete control over the flow of your support requests. The way it comes in, how its being assigned and what happens if the tickets are not handled within a specific time frame is all that's handled in a SLA and Escalation Engine.

Spiraldesk asks three questions – Who opened the ticket , Where it was placed and whats the nature of the query. Based on these three questions, the ticket is tagged as soon as it is opened and then an automatic escalation management is done from the lower level engineer right up to the higher management based on the time line settings.

The rules ca be made intelligent and smart to satisfy almost all conditions on your support desk and this in turn helps you improve the performance of the Customer Service representatives and the productivity of the helpdesk.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk