SLA Configuration in Spiraldesk



Any Organization runs on specific set of processes, deadlines and promises to the customers. A Service Level Agreement realizes the promises made between a Customer and a Service provider. Spiraldesk provides a very accurate method to put your SLA in to a process in terms of response times or status changes.

To add a new SLA or edit a new one go to Settings >> SLA Engine. The SLA Engine is the place where all the SLA Policies are listed and managed.

A Single SLA is divided in to three parts

What , Where and How ?

This section defines the basic character of the SLA, where the name , description is defined . In addition to that the list of Customers the rule will be applied to and the time period during which the SLA is applied is also defined here .

What Kind of Tickets ?

You will define the kind of tickets for which the SLA Violation can happen in this area.

What is the condition of violation ?

This area defines the condition on which the Violation of SLA is recorded on a ticket

What happens if the SLA is violated ?

These are where the escalation rules comes in to play and it offers wide variety of options to get the ticket handled in the most apt manner .

To add an escalation, simply click on the button available at the end of the SLA edit screen.

Once you have clicked the Add Rule button, you can choose what happens to the ticket if the SLA is Violated.

The violations are tracked separately and is displayed within the violated tickets and in dashboard reports.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk