Saving Time on your helpdesk



When your company does not use a reputable customer service software, you run the risk of providing lackluster or – worse – poor customer service.

  • Define a Procedure for Contacting service desk. - Set up a list of procedures users must go through before submitting in the help desk. Some problems can be still need to go to the service desk, though few of them might be silly little problems, and can be corrected outside of the helpdesk, eliminating the unnecessary workload on the Customer Support Staff .

  • A working knowledge-base: A knowledge management system fulfils or reduce the work stress for the IT staff and also helps customer to resolve their cases much early and promptly. Hence adding an "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section on a website much more a smarter move. In fact, FAQs are often a part of an effective knowledge management system. Having a well-planned knowledge management system helps to save time and resources.

  • Do not settle for vague description of issues: If the customer hasn’t submitted a clear description of the issue, Customer Support Representative would have to spend a considerable amount of time on the desk with the end user before getting to the real reason. Insisting on clear cut description of the issues submitted in help desk can save technicians time.

  • Utilize template responses - All of the questions you get repeatedly can be handled breezily by generating canned email or chat or ticket responses.

  • Follow a common Policy and Procedures - Don’t let users begin to slip around the rules, or you’ll soon find that the service desk is backed up and stressed out once more.

  • Time Limits for Ticket Resolution: Setup a way to do things in time efficiently. Milestones pushes the Customer Service Agent to resolve tickets within that time frame and move on with the next one.