Managing your Brands and Department in Spiraldesk



Brand form the core architecture of Spiraldesk. The ticket classification in Spiraldesk is based on Brands and hence it is important for you to understand the concept of brands and email notification settings for each Brand.

Creating a Brand

You may create a Brand from Settings >> Brands/Products in Spiraldesk , by clicking on the New Button.

The brands, Departments and its notification email settings are controlled in this section. While most of the fields in Brand creation screen are self explanatory, some of the fields need to be understood to create your Brand and department properly.

In spiraldesk, each brand added is presented with a unique URL which says, which makes sure that whatever brands you add here, has its own white labelled URL available for access. The Brand logo you upload from the edit screen is also shown while taking the brand URL.

The brand URL may be masked using a Mask URL so that your customers does not have the visibility of Spiraldesk Brand . This is achieved by adding a CNAME RECORD for your masked URL domain.

The ticket prefix, helps you identify the ticket in the default filter page, especially when your Agent handles multiple Brands at the same time.

Adding a Department

Click On the Add Department to Add a new Department.

There are two scenarios here.
1. The email that reaches spiraldesk is a direct email that a customer sends to the support department.

In this scenario, you leave the checkbox unchecked, so that the emails are created directly in Spiraldesk.

You are supposed to redirect your department emails to the email address specified in the text mentioned below the form

2. Spiraldesk receives email from another system , possibly a CRM or another helpdesk and the ticket is created from an email notification.

This case happens when you are a service provider and you are tracking a ticket created in your Customer helpdesk. In this case, the redirect to the spiralbean email id should be made from your alert email.

Please note that the client has already set a forwarder from his department email to your internal email address.

Here the process is

Department email <> Internal Support email <> Spiraldesk Email


For the tickets to be created under a brand department, its department email verification has to be completed.

The tags verified indicates that the department emails are verified or not verified.

Once you have completed your Brand and department setup, you may go ahead and test the email delivery using the document HERE.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk