Managing a Role in Spiraldesk



The Roles in Spiraldesk defines what levels of access are available to the Agents added to Spiraldesk. Roles can be accessed from Settings >> Roles

Spiraldesk Comes with few default roles and Each Agent/ User added to Spiraldesk is associated with a single role.

  • Account Admin This role has account admin privilege
  • Admin This role has admin permission
  • Supervisor Supervisor privilege

Adding a Role

To add a new Role, You can spot a Button which says "NEW" on the top right corner . Click on it and you will be redirected with a screen to describe your Role Details.

Enter the Details and Save

The assigning of an Agent to a Role takes place from The Agents Settings, However all the Agents assigned to the Role are listed in this Settings Page

Adding Permissions to a Role

In the Roles definition screen, you will come across Few Tabs which defines the permissions for the Role.

Explore each tab to define your permissions and control access to your Agent.

Editing a Role

On the Roles Listing Page in Settings >> Roles , you may select the Edit button to go ahead and edit your role.

You have now created and edited the access permission of your Agents.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk