How to deal with abusive customers



It’s hard to come up with a perfect solution for a customer in abusive state, and know that even if you handle things perfectly, some people simply cannot be pleased. But that should not let that stop you from making your best effort.

The basic things to consider while handling an Abusive Customer are


First of all check whether their complaint is genuine or not. If you feel their complaint as a valid one, then tell your abusive customer that you can understand their frustration and that you would be upset if you were in their position. But if you feel it as a spurious complaint, empathy will not be necessary.

Listen to them

Talking over or interrupting your abusive customer when they are going out of control , can turn out the situation to worse. This is only likely to make the customer angrier. Let them finish what they are saying , remain silent for a few seconds after they have run out of things to say and then state your position. If the customer interrupts, tell them that you have listened carefully and would be grateful if they could extend you the same courtesy.

Proper Escalation

One of the best methods to handle abusive customers is by proper escalation. But make sure that the situation is still under control to be dealt effectively. Also don’t be afraid of passing the problem on to your senior Customer Service agent, who could be more experienced with negotiating with angry clients.

Explain the actual cause

Ask the abusive customer to calm down in a respectful manner after listening to them. Always try to tell them that you are there to help. Then explain the actual cause so that they can understand the severity of issue which can calm them down. Things should be explained in such a manner that they too feel like its going to be more difficult to resolve the issue while tempers are flared.

Give confidence to customers

Another way to calm down an abusive customer is by giving them confidence that such kind of issues will not be happen in future, if the mistake was from your end. Also tell them that you will take necessary steps against the actual cause for issue. It will give them a confidence which in turn make a goodwill with the customers.

At the same time, if you're unsure about how to deal with the complaint, don't try to bluff your way through the situation by giving them promises. This will only serve to enrage your customer further and could end up getting you into trouble further down the line, either with your boss or legally. Explain that you're unsure of how to deal with the situation and find out from your superiors, colleagues or a lawyer where you stand.