A golden rule to being a good customer is pretty simple. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

Have you ever thought whether you are a good customer when complaining about your support ??

Adjust Your Expectations

Expecting great service is your prerogative. Expecting great service to mean that the service providers does whatever you want, whenever you want. Adjust your expectations to the realities of the business you are dealing with.

Share the good times as well

It is very common that the customers don’t even think about saying the good times about the support team who were with them during those absolutely horrible situations. Its again unfair to add a bad review about support ,when you receive one or two bad experience from the support team, who had been treating you well on multiple instances. The problem is that these stories lasts forever and will come up whenever someone search for a review. Whereas a good customer service story is forgotten almost the next second and a new customer never prefers to read the good reveiws. That's how we are !!.

Provide feedback

The best way to improve the customer service is by providing feedback to the service irrespective of good or bad thing. If it is good that would be an encourage to the service providers. On the other hand if it is bad, then the feedback can help the service desk to make changes in a better way.

Give a better explanation

When you send a request in support desk, it’s best to put in as much context as possible (this might be a screenshot ). That’s the only way you can make sure your problem is solved as quickly as possible.

Arrange multiple questions

If you have multiple questions, arrange them using numbers or bullets. This will help the Support Agent to assist you better and guide you with each question you have raised.

Treat Support Agents like Humans

Now this is the most important point of all. A good customer understands that he is dealing with another human being at the end of the email or call.