How can I Create more than one contact forms or support forms in Spiraldesk ?

You might need to create various forms like feedback form, support form or contact form in your website .

Did you know that you could create all that using spiraldesk ?

This document describes how the forms can be generated and placed on your website.

  1. Go to Settings and Click on Webforms.

  2. Add a new form by clicking on the NEW button

  3. The first part of the webforms show the general properties of the form

The form name, Form heading , the height and width of the javascript widget, the Text color, Button color and the Thanks mesage after the form submission is to be entered correctly, for proper formatting of the form.

The captcha enables the form to be submitted safely and the Authorized IP's (the IP on which the form is going to be hosted) and the Allowed domains (the websites on which the form is going to be available) and required for safe cross referencing and loading of the form.

  1. Now double-click and create your form and feel free to re-arrange it in the way you need it .

  2. Once you have saved the form , go to the top again and generate the code

Select the brand and the Departments that would be listed on the form and click on generate code.

  1. Copy and paste this code in your website ,where this form needs to appear and you have a form that is directly linked to your spiraldesk.

And create as many as you need

Simple right ??


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk