Getting Started with Spiraldesk in 5 minutes



Getting Started with Spiraldesk in a minute

1. Accessing the Main Settings Screen

The Settings may be accessed from two different locations in Spiraldesk.

  • The Menu on the left panel
  • The Icon on the top panel

2. Add A Brand

Brands form the heart of Spiraldesk and the default brand filter is created and listed on the Left Panel on all screens. The second level menu gives an idea about the departments in each brand

The Brands can be added from Settings >> Brands . Once added, it will be listed on the Left panel along with the departments added.

The Email address on which the tickets are created can be setup here. Please make sure you complete the verification for your department email.

Detailed document to add a Brand is availableHere

3. Add An Agent

The users added to Spiraldesk are called Agents. An Agent can be added from Settings >> Agents.

Detailed document to add an Agent is available Here.

4. Creating a Ticket

Send an email to your support email configured in the Brand and confirm the creation of the ticket in the respective Brand >> Department

This should get you started with Spiraldesk. Its wonderful to have you on-board !!!.


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk