Configuring Automatic Tags in Spiraldesk



It is so frustrating to lose emails because you have not starred or marked it when the email first came in.

Presenting Auto-tagging feature in Spiraldesk, which lets you tag an incoming ticket based on strings, words in the Subject, body and even the email address.

Once it is tagged, Spiraldesk also provides an easy way to access them at a later stage by using the filters.

Automatic tagging enables you to mark your tickets using Tags and thereby helps you to identify tickets by the tags already assigned to them.

The tags can be added to a ticket automatically based on strings entered or directly from the ticket and you can set the priority of your choice.

Spiraldesk enables the user to tag tickets both manually and automatically.

In automatic tagging, the incoming tickets are automatically tagged with strings based on content matching.

This function can be enabled from, go to settings>> click on Automatic Tags.


Enter the string which you want to tag and the tags that are applied to it.

The tags that are applied to a particular ticket are visible in the tags section of the ticket.



Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk