A reply to customer is the best opportunity to make a better relationship with them. Any reply that we send to a customer might be just one of those many mails we are sending that day. But to that customer, it is the only interaction with us that they’ll have that day.

Be legible and Use Simple Language

Writing a reply doesn't start with writing. It all consists of certain fundamental considerations such as understanding the needs of customer, usage of customer focused language which can easly be understandable by them.

Compose it right

Interaction with a customer can completely reshape the way a customer feels comfortable with us. If they dont feel that they got good service from us, it will damage their view regarding the service provided by us. Thus a right composition of reply is worth the effort.

Sound Personal

Starting each reply by addressing your customer by name doesn’t just make us sound more respectful or polite, it actually makes the customer happy to hear it.

Attach Emotions

Always try to appreciate customers for letting us know about their problems as they are giving us an opportunity to fix something that can help us to retain other customers.

Structure your reply

While composing reply, it is better to deliver the bad news first which is more likely to feel better about it as compared to giving the bad news last.

Stack reply with information which helps

Having a knowledge base with articles that we can link to is really helpful, as it can save our customers the hassle of trying to navigate a long email.

Be Positive

The impact of composing a reply which starts with positive words rather than a negetive word is incredibly powerful in changing the way of customer’s approach towards their request.

We can’t always promise a solution to customers by a given time, but we can always promise an update. Delivering on that promise doesn’t just keep the customer informed about the status of their request, but it’s another opportunity to build trust.