A Help Desk is a resource designed for the Customers of any Organization to contact when they are having problems with the services. HelpDesks uses a trouble shooting approach by having personnel with extensive knowledge available within the profile of the organization.

Implementation of support channels varies widely within each companies. In one company it may be one person with a wealth of knowledge carrying a cell phone. In another company it may be several people who perform some of the support in house and several people from another company that are contracted for additional support. In another company it may be a multitude of people within their own company performing all levels of support.

The Help Desk will meet the most important need of the end user, it will get them operational as quickly as possible. Additionally , by following the best practices, the Help Desk will enable the enterprise to have a foundation for the Organization not only to meet the needs of the end user, but for linking to the strategic areas within the company. Thus, the Help Desk will be one component in enabling the enterprise to meet their strategic goals.

Why a helpdesk ?

There may be conflicting views in defining the role of a helpdesk. For some users it may be for data visibility, while for some it may be a way to get things organized. While some may use it to save time and others may use it purely for access control. The choices on which a helpdesk is selected may be different , but the ultimate aim in using a helpdesk is always “Customer Satisfaction” .

Certain key areas where your helpdesk may be applicable:

  • Delivering and managing services
  • Centralizing the Sales team communication
  • To provide personal support to customers
  • White labelled service providers