7 Ways to Gather Customer Feedbacks



Every business hopes to better its profits. For that you should always gather frequent feedbacks from the customers. This will allow you to improve the grey areas of your support and take corrective actions to the possible issues that may arise in near future.

Before you take customer feedbackup you must have a clear understanding on what to do with the collected feedbacks. There are different methods by which you can gather customer feedbacks. I am listing some of them below for your reference.

1. Email

There is no doubt that email is the most valuable and oldest way of gathering a customer feedback. You could send random emails to customers asking for their experience with our support. Also, you can send mail to customers just after closing a ticket or a conversation.

2. Surveys

The most efficient way to garner feedback from customers is through surveys. There are many survey tools available. They’re easy to set up, easy to send out and easy to analyse. Its better to ask minimum survey questions to get better responses and always ask only the questions that you’ll use.

3. Support Forums

These are not very popular idea, but the most successful forums are highly interactive. Customers should be able to give their input and you can see that you and your support team is taking active roles by responding to every single request.

4. Social Media

Most customers already have social media pages they visit on a regular basis. So these pages could be a major way to get customer feedbacks as they already know how to respond through social media. Regardless of your response, a social media presence encourages customers to feel more in touch with your company.

5. Live chat

Live chat is another medium by which you can gather feedbacks. Customer are coming to you on live chat sessions for reporting any issues or for clearing any doubts/questions they have. Towards the end of the chat session you can ask for rating or a survey about their experience with us.

6. Comment boxes

Adding comment boxes throughout your website gives users a chance to provide feedback that doesn’t interrupt their web experience. This can be pooled in to a helpdesk to keep track of it.

7. Online Surveys

You can send out online survey requests to clients and ask for their feedback. This should be surveys that we can answer easily. The usual simple online surveys will have number from 1 – 10 ask you to select a score out of 10. By this way we will be able to know how satisfied the customer is with the assistance that the received.

You must go through all the feedbacks properly and look for areas of improvement to provide the best support experience to your customers.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”