5 Reasons why Customer ratings on tickets are important



Handling tickets in a Helpdesk is definitely not a one sided affair , where the Customer opens a ticket and the Agents respond to it. It's a place where constant interaction takes place between the Customers and the Agents. Hence it is important that the customer gets a chance to rate how he had been served.

The real question is
Can Customer reviews help ?

There are plenty of reasons why the ticket ratings are important

Agent Motivation

At the end of the day, it is important to retain business and generate new business for the growth of an enterprise. One bad Agent can ruin the reputation of your company. A good rating system not only helps in identifying the bad Agent, but also in rewarding the Good ones.

Improved Service Quality

Setting a benchmark for customer ratings is something that can improve the service quality to the customers. This in turn brings in more business and helps you maintain the service quality provided to the customer.

Know the Customer

Rating from a Customer shows how much he values your support. This also allows you to get to know your customer better and serve him what he needs. Handling an unhappy customer becomes easier when you know the exact requirement of the customer, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Up-sell your products

Its easier to up-sell your products and services to a happy customer. The ratings on tickets helps you identify who the happy customers are .

Build the reputation of your Company

Taking effective actions on a bad review , helps in improving the overall customer experience .

You can state millions of reasons why customer ratings are important, but the point is
Customer ratings are indeed important!!


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk