5 Reasons to Handle Multiple Brands using One Helpdesk ?



The possibility of an enterprise which has been running for couple of years to diversify in to multiple brands/products is something that can be accounted for.

The management team behind all the brands could be the same, however the Customer Support or Sales staff may differ according to the nature of the new Brands floated.

For the management to keep track of satisfaction levels provided by the agents to the customers, its important to have a central system which will keep track of things correctly. this article will try an depict 5 reasons why your should consider a Central helpdesk for all your brands

1. Centralized Analytics

It is important for the to management to know the most performing agents and the list customers to take a note about. The analytics should be organized in such a way that you get an insight of both.

2. Brand Cross Selling / Up-selling

When you work as a group, you will need to cross sell and up-sell your products to your customers and you may keeping the customer information in different CRM's . For eg : A customer may be added to WHMCS and also to GSuite. In this case the customer information may be required from both CRM's to support the customer and to give him suggestion to improve his business and there by up-selling your brands.

3. Keeping things at one place but different

You may need to see the data as one , but still keep things separated for the added users/Agents. Giving user permissions for each of your brands helps you to isolate the support teams for each of your brands

4. Integration to API supported third party products

Now this is important when it comes to actually having to connect to multiple platforms. A helpdesk which supports this will be crucial to get your data available to the Customer Support Agents.

5.Being on Top of everything

That's what something everyone wants right ?? :)


Samjad Mooppan

Samjad is the CEO/Co-Founder for Spiraldesk